Updated COVID Policy

Updated May 13, 2022

The Midrealm is currently in Tier 2, meaning masking is required indoors at all SCA events. Please see https://midrealm.org/seneschal/ for more information

Pennsic COVID Policy

May 26, 2022

Covid policies of the SCA and Kingdom of Aethelmearc apply to Pennsic and will therefore require some changes from what you’ve seen in the past. Some of these may or may not impact you and some of these are critical for everyone attending to know.


Kingdom of Aethelmearc Covid policy: https://tinyurl.com/AEShortSummary

It’s critical to understand the details here as we really don’t want to turn anyone away at troll because someone didn’t understand what they needed to get in the gate. This applies to anyone 5 years or older so it includes your kids as well. This only applies to anyone trolling into the event for the first time. Once you’ve received your medallion you can leave and enter the site as normal.

A physical copy of your vaccination card or a photo of it are both acceptable.

You will need a form of ID as usualIf you bring documentation of a negative test remember that it has to be from a medical facility and it has to be within 72 hours of when you arrive at the troll desk so please plan your timing accordingly as sometimes lines can be as long on the weekends. Home test results are not acceptable.There are no exceptions so if you don’t have what you need you will not be allowed into the event.Aethelmearc requires masking indoors, but due to the large openings of our facilities places like the Great Hall, and tent spaces are considered outdoor spaces. The upper level of the cooper showerhouse next to the Cooper Store will be closed and locked for Pennsic 49. The upper bathrooms will still be accessible from the deck.

Camps, individual classes, and merchant spaces may set their own rules for requiring masks in their space so we recommend all attendees have a mask available and respect the rules for their space. The First Aid pavilion will be treated like a medical facility and masks will be required if you are admitted in to see doctors or EMTs.

The event will not be providing water containers. Attendees are requested to bring their own water containers and we will have filtered water available at various locations around the site. That includes the battlefield and public service areas.As with things like sunscreen and bugspray, attendees should plan to provide their own masks and hand sanitizer.

Specific questions on implementation of the Covid policy at Pennsic can be directed to the email below and I will endeavor to answer questions promptly and publish updated information if I get additional information.

Baron Manuel de la Rosa y Botella de Mirguela

Deputy Mayor of Event Safety


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